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Prepare your senses for the best Italian Cooking Show in Perth with five Australia’s top Italian Chefs at your back and call.

It’s fun, friendly and free*!

The beauty of Italian cooking lies in the simplicity of its ingredients and in the sophistication of its techniques. Enhance your skills and confidence at our Italian cooking demonstrations, unveiling the secrets of the best Italian Chefs in Australia.

Throughout the day on the Ground Floor of the Perth Town Hall you can experience live cooking demonstrations hold by five outstanding Italian Chefs.

Pizza Madness by Vincezo Velletri

Black Ink Risotto by Roberto Dal Seno

Gnocchi w Sausages & Pachino Tomatoes by Luca Galaverna

Brodetto di Pesce by Maurizio Di Ciano

Sweet Wine Aspic by Antonio Argentieri

Stuffed Artichokes by Roberto Federici

Cavatelli Fresh Tomatoes & Basil by Vincenzo Velletri


*This is a free feature that works on a first come, first serve basis. Arrive early to secure your seat.